Home is My Happy Place


Home is my happy place.

As the world grows more hectic, I’ve learned the importance of having a sanctuary to return to after the chaos of an overpacked daily schedule and hectic work life. There is nothing more peaceful than a $13 bottle of red wine and some music after a long day of work.

For people like me, being able to shut out the world for a while and cozy up on the couch is crucial to my health. I need to let go of the tensions that weigh me down. The best way I know how to do this is by surrounding myself with things I love. AKA faux fur, white, gold accents, succulents, mirrors, candles and lots of wine.

That’s why we need to learn how to turn our home decorating situation into a positive one. And this is why I find it so important to invest in your personal space.


Here are inspirational pieces that I adore.



Curly White Ottoman //  Apron // Bar Cart // Candle // Gold Jars // Succulent Planter // Chandelier 

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